IHF Young Executive Leaders 2020

Christopher (2)

Christopher Obwaka

The Nairobi Hospital

Country/territory: Kenya (Nairobi)

Dr. Chris Obwaka is on a mission to play his part in the elimination of maternal mortality on the African continent. His passion stems from his natural affinity and love for obstetrics and gynaecology, the immense value he places on human life and the critical role he believes mothers play in the world right from conception. Beyond playing a key role in the elimination of maternal mortality by the provision of personalized, well researched and outstanding healthcare, his vision is to have every mother leave the health facility happy and with a healthy baby in her hands.


Being a part of YEL is helping me formulate international solutions to local problems. The networking with people from all around the world will hold me in good stead for my future career trajectory. And last but not least, having friends in different corners of the world is always a plus!


Cristina Adroher

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Country/territory: Catalonia (Barcelona), Spain

Graduate in Political and Administration Sciences and in Economics with more than eight years’ experience in the Catalan public health system, working as a health economist, providing technical and strategic support to managers and leading projects in different healthcare organizations. I have acquired skills for leading and coordinating working groups and implementing projects in the health sphere thanks to my multidisciplinary profile and clear results orientation. My proactive and dynamic character and capacity for work and learning have allowed me to carry out strategic and decision-making tasks, providing added value to the health system.


Eduardo Castela

Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca EPE

Country/territory: Portugal (Lisbon)

I am currently Hospital Manager at Hospital Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca. Since the first time I got in touch with my colleagues, I realized I was facing a group of great leaders. With YEL I’ve been learning, growing and most of all I truly believe in the knowledge exchange as a fundamental path to new changes.

Florian (2)

Florian Trummer

Hospital of St John of God

Country/territory: Austria (Vienna)

I am the Head of Operation Theatre in the hospital of St John of God Vienna and managing about 100 staff. Being able to work as an IHF YEL member is a great chance for me, and I see myself as being up to par. After many years of practicing my profession, it is time for me  to develop myself personally and professionally.


Jonas Staudt

Vitos GmbH

Country/territory: Germany (Kassel)

I´m 33 years old. I studied psychology at Philipps-University in Marburg. I started in the department “Corporate Development” at Vitos GmbH in 2014 and became head of department in 2018. As a part of the higher management my tasks include planning, improving and evaluating all healthcare initiatives for Vitos by screening current trends and challenges. I´m very interested in artificial intelligence, data mining and deep learning. I´m very proud to be a part of the Young Executive Leader team and really looking forward to our next meetings.


Kristina Ulrich

Juedisches Krankenhaus Berlin 

Country/territory: Germany (Berlin)

I am Managing Director at Juedisches Krankenhaus Berlin Service Company, since 2015, as well as personal assistant and consultant to the hospital’s CEO since 2012. I consider the biggest challenge not to be a manager in terms of authority but a guiding leader, a role model who has a positive influence on each member of the team and the whole team. Projects and change can only be implemented effectively if the leader is not micro-managing task-lists but inspiring the team-members to perform best. So I always try to know the talents and strengths of my colleagues (hospital) and employers (service company) to find the right people and build the best teams for each task.


The YEL initiative is such a great opportunity to discuss, explore and work on how to drive health system transformation (in the wake of Covid-19) with fantastic healthcare leaders from around the world, each of them with very different experiences and knowledge as well as the courage to strive for a better future where health care is more accessible, effective and affordable. To me, this is very motivating.

Kuhlmann Laura_1_250x250 (002)

Laura Kuhlmann

Vitos GmbH

Country/territory: Germany (Kassel)

Currently, I am working as the CEO of Vitos digital health Ltd which is a company of the Vitos group dealing with all topics related to e-health and digital participation. Vitos is organized as a group of thirteen hospitals focusing on psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic. I am responsible for the implementation of e-health solutions in our hospitals and other facilities.


I am highly motivated and disciplined as well as goal-oriented. True team player with excellent communication skills for all professional groups. Strong leading skills as well as very good analytical skills. Prepared the merger of two hospitals and developed the e-mental-health strategy at Vitos. Really happy and excited to be part of the YEL program in order to learn, develop and share experiences!


Laura Lahuerta Valls

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Country/territory: Catalonia (Barcelona), Spain

I am currently the leading nurse in charge of research at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the leader of the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation nursing research line. The research group I am promoting does research on how to give the best approach to the patient/family and provide them with a personalized, holistic and comprehensive care, based on scientific evidence, to achieve a fast reintegration in their usual environment (enhancing them, improving quality of life and experience within our institution).


As a leader in research at our institution, I believe it is very important to share knowledge and results in addressing patients and families around this great pandemic, as well as to create synergies with other centers worldwide.


Ligia Kornowksa

Polish Hospital Federation

Country/territory: Poland (Warsaw)

I am a medical doctor and currently Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation, the largest hospital organization in Poland. Initiator, founder and President of Young Healthcare Managers. Winner of the “25 under 25” Forbes award in “business” category. Former president and advisor to several startups. Speaker of the most important national and international conferences related to the healthcare sector. Thrilled to engage with other participants of YEL initiative to share experience and freely exchange thoughts on many topics. Thinks that bringing bright minds in one place/programme will definitely have unexpected positive results!


Mafalda Bártolo

Centro Hospitalar de Leiria

Country/territory: Portugal (Leiria)

My name is Mafalda Bártolo, I am forty, I am married and have two kids.
I work in Centro Hospitalar de Leiria, a public portuguese hospital, as Physical and Reabilitation Medicine (PRM) Service Director.


Our patients live with disability or are experiencing it, that´s why I see medicine besides the curative effect. PRM goal is to achieve the best autonomy and life quality possible, which requires multiprofessional teams and a continuum of care.


My main motivation is to discuss health management topics with an international team and contribute with my clinical and functional point of view.


Ming-Ju (Siegfried) Tsai

Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital

Country/territory: Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

I am a pulmonologist and intensive care physician in Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Taiwan. I have committed myself to improve the medical information systems of our hospital for several years. Participating the YEL initiative is a great opportunity to network with young healthcare leaders worldwide. I can get inspired by the various types of healthcare systems and hospital information systems worldwide. On the other hand, I believe I can share our experiences in Taiwan as the medical service in Taiwan is probably one of the best in the world.


Omar Rodriguez Forner

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Country/territory: Catalonia (Barcelona), Spain

For over five years, I have been the head of nursing in the pediatric intensive care unit. The Nursing management is one of the main pillars of the hospital, along with the medical management. In the unit where I work, more than one thousand patients are treated every year.  The nursing team is made up of over a hundred people.


My lines of work are oriented to offer and ensure a excellent care. My priority is to get good results jointly by getting professionals to patients and their parents. The humanization of care is very important and it has to be a secure process.This is why I lead work groups and research groups related to security and humanization. I believe it is very important to taking into account all aspects of the person is important: biological, psychological and social.


Renee Bogues

Cleveland Clinic London

Country/territory:  United Kingdom (London)

As Cleveland Clinic London’s Head of Activation, Renee Bogues leads the cross-functional programme team to activate a greenfield 184-bed hospital and outpatient facility in London, England. Cleveland Clinic Health System has been named one of the best hospitals in the US and in the world and Cleveland Clinic London will be the first new health system to open in London in several decades. Previously, Renee successfully completed Cleveland Clinic’s competitive Administrative Fellowship, during which time she worked on projects in the US, China and the UK. Renee earned an accelerated Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Policy Analysis and Management and an accelerated Master’s Degree in Health Administration from Cornell University.


Joining the YEL initiative will be a fantastic opportunity to meet other leaders in healthcare across the globe, create a network of peer support and learn best practices from one another.


Rita Veloso

Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center

Country/territory:  Portugal (Porto)

Rita Sofia da Silva Veloso, was born in Porto in 1981, married and mother of two kids. She completed his degree in Psychology at the University of Porto in 2004. She attended several courses in the area of management of health units and management in public administration. She is currently an executive member of the Board of Directors of Póvoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde Hospital Center.


She had also been part of the Health Parliament Portugal (2016-2019) . For 9 years she has been involved in the management of hospital information systems implementation projects and was the Director (2009-2018) of the IPO-PORTO’s Patient Management Service, which was responsible for a team of approximately 140 employees. She started her career as Human Resources Director in 2004. Se also is an advisory member of a non-governmental organisation linked to maternal and child health in Mozambique “Health4Moz”.


She is a digital stakeholder in many national and international organizations. She is a speaker in the areas of change management, people management, leadership and digital transformation. Since 2015 she has volunteered for Operation Red Nose. Member of Rotary International .


Safia Alhammadi

Dubai Health Authority

Country/territory: Dubai, UAE

I daily fulfill my leadership duty as a chief resident at Dubai Health Authority for the past 4 years. I am also an Academic Days Adviser and lecturer, where i taught the residents clinical skills .

I am a dreamer who believes that everything can be achieved once you set your mind to it. As an obstetrician who’s also a feminist, I believe that strong support of woman and fair health care system would truly benefit the society


Samar Almuntaser

Latifa Women and Children Hospital

Country/territory: Dubai, UAE

I am currently a Pediatric Neurologist at Latifa Women and Children Hospital. I am in charge of taking initiatives in quality improvement projects and key performance indicators related to the neurology services in the hospital for optimal patient care and customer satisfaction. I also take care of planning and organizing community awareness sessions through audio and video communication channels related to neurological disorders including the services provided.

Together we will make a difference! Fighting the unseen enemy with technology!


Vanessa Braga

Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre

Country/territory: Portugal (Coimbra)

Over the years, the association of Nursing and Leadership has become essential and imperative for better health outcomes, reflected in the care of excellence. For this reason, as a registered nurse, I have been investing in my academic training, doing my specialization and master, as well as looking on new opportunities to enrich my decision making and critical thinking.


Working along on a joint reflection with the Young Executive Leaders, during an Era marked by a global pandemic, will be extremely valuable for my personal and professional growth and development, as will also bring new contributes for my organization.