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  • Full Membership is open to any association or organizational body deemed representative of the healthcare organizations, in particular but not exclusively hospitals, in a country, a polity or a circumscribed region of the world.
  • Associate Membership is open to healthcare organizations, public and private hospitals, as well as other institutions having a distinct relationship in the provision of healthcare such as Associations for Healthcare Managers, Hospital Management Schools, Healthcare Purchasing Organizations, etc. that are not eligible for Full Membership.
Member Testimonials
  • "As a member who has participated in IHF study tours and conferences I have gained a lot of new insights and new friends. IHF and its publications I believe are useful sources of new information on international healthcare, hospital management and trends. IHF Membership serves to increase my hospital’s international profile"

    Rufino L Macagba
    Chairman and President, Lorma Medical Center, Philippines
    IHF Associate Member

  • "Total Health Trust is the first private group model HMO in Nigeria. We are contracted with 1,700 health care providers on our network across Nigeria. These are public or private clinics, hospitals and ancillary service providers. We joined IHF over fifteen years ago as the first member from West Africa.

    We were aware that branding our health plans could only be possible if we embraced relationship management with our providers of care. Improving Patient care meant we had to be conversant with global best-practice as espoused within the IHF. Over the years we introduced the public hospital system of Lagos State (the most populous state) and some private hospitals in Nigeria.

    We continue to benefit from the articles in the official journal of the IHF and the professionalism of the Federation’ Secretariat"

    Ladi Awosika
    Chairman, Total Health Trust, Nigeria
    IHF Associate Member

  • "We joined the IHF in 2014 after recognizing it as a perfect platform to share ideas and learn more on transformational leadership, innovations and best practices in service delivery, in a time of emerging global health challenges.

    Our participation at the IHF Congress has exposed us to simple practical ideas and innovations which if applied in complex environments greatly impact health outcomes. Indeed, IHF provides unique opportunities for great minds in health care leadership to explore practical solutions to promote quality health care and patient safety in a cost-effective manner"

    Lily Koros Tare
    CEO, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya
    IHF Associate Member

  • "IHF provides an invaluable platform for hospital and healthcare associations to discuss and share their experience on critical issues. The Journal includes useful information, reviews and articles from international renowned healthcare professionals. The Special Interest Group and the newly formed CEO Circle provide venues for the elite groups to express their views and comments and to enhance opportunities for international collaboration"

    Chor Chiu Lau
    Cluster Chief Executive, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong
    IHF Full Member

  • "For Unió Catalana d’Hospitals IHF membership means a great opportunity of sharing future’s vision trends of healthcare in a global world. As healthcare providers association it is important to learn from others that face the same challenges as ours: a change in demographics, epidemiology and healthcare needs of the population, contribute to health policies in each country, support healthcare management professionalization and, therefore, contribute to boost healthcare systems through improving quality of healthcare management and healthcare delivery.

    The IHF is a key platform for a comprehensive international dialogue, ideas sharing and networking, partnership and knowledge exchange, to keep on helping our members to be sustainable and efficient, in order to achieve, all together, our fundamental goal: improve healthcare delivery quality to assure a fairer and healthier life for our people. It is a commitment of the healthcare community"

    Anna Riera-Domènech
    Associative and healthcare affairs direction, Unió Catalana d’Hospitals, Spain
    IHF Premier Member