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New WHO report - Public Spending on Health: A Closer Look at Global Trends

Spending on health is growing faster than the rest of the global economy, accounting for 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP). A new report on global health expenditure from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals a swift upward trajectory of global health spending, which is particularly noticeable in low- and middle-income countries where health spending is growing on average 6% annually compared with 4% in high-income countries. The WHO press release gives a good overview of all key messages.
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  Deadline of abstracts for the IHF Congress extended to Friday  
Deadline of abstracts for the IHF Congress extended to Friday

Due to overwhelming demand, the abstract submission for paper presentations and posters for the World Hospital Congress has been extended to 1 March. Hospitals and health service providers that want to share their programs, projects, researches and experiences with health leaders and professionals from across the globe can still submit their abstracts in response to the overarching theme “People at the heart of health services in peace and crisis”. The sub-themes are: Resilient health services, Health investment for prosperity, Innovation for health impact.

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WHO Symposium - Future of Digital Health Systems in the European Region

Held 6-8 February in Copenhagen, this symposium aimed at developing priorities for public health action to support the adoption of digital health in European Member States and at further refining input to the development of a European vision and roadmap for the digitalization of national health systems. Anna Riera (Unió Catalana d'Hospitals, IHF Member) participated to the meeting on behalf of IHF and summarized key ideas exchanged at sessions debates (see attached). Digitalization enables human centered data management which implications will reshape health care delivery in the future.
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WHO Symposium Summary, February 2019, Copenhagen.pdf
Social innovation in health: leaving no one behind

On 12 February, in Geneva, Switzerland, IHF secreteriat staff attended a seminar co-organized by the WHO, UNAIDS and TDR. Healthcare delivery issues are far from being solved. With over 1 billion people still lacking proper access to healthcare, research and partnerships must be enhanced to move all countries closer to UHC through innovative approaches. The Social Innovation in Health Initiative highlights the beneficial impacts of relational cultures and community inclusion on people’s lives and health outcomes. They demonstrate that innovation is sometimes “just” about going back to social basics and embracing them.
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​​​​​​​Enclosed is the report on the seminar. 

Seminar report on Social Innovation in health.pdf
Are emerging market hospitals ready for health innovation?

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) published a report on the implications of key trends in the global medical technology (medtech) industry in 2019 on emerging markets. It highlights an interview of Dr. Muna Tahlak, IHF Treasurer and CEO of Latifa Hospital in Dubai, who provides an overview of UAE hospitals' preparedness for adopting new healthcare technologies. The report also contains advices for companies to access emerging markets.
​​​​​​​Click on Read more to access an excerpt of the full report featuring the interview of Dr. Muna Tahlak. The full report  MedTech in Emerging Markets 2019 A market access trend report in emerging markets is available here.

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Visão Hospitalar, the quarterly magazine of the Brazilian Hospitals Federation - IHF Full Member

The Brazilian Hospitals Federation (FBH) is a non-profit association that has been representing Brazilian hospitals for more than 50 years. FBH acts closely with the 6.784 institutions it encompasses, of which 2.916 are public health care providers, to boost Brazilian hospital sector volume and quality, supporting them with public and private strategic information.
FBH also produces their own magazine called: Visão Hospitalar (Hospital Vision), since 2012, producing specific content, especially on issues directly related to hospital daily problems, generating technical and accurate strategic information for their managers, health executives and special readers. 
FBH's Mission is to encourage hospitals to provide people better care. 
​​​​​​​For more information, view the IHF bulletin on FBH and on the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), available here.

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