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It is the belief of the International Hospital Federation that during times of crisis, healthcare leaders around the world should have ways to support and learn from each other. IHF members have a critical role to play in identifying and sharing good practices realised during the Covid-19 pandemic, so that hospitals across the world can deliver high-quality patient care. This is why the IHF has launched its ‘Weekly Challenge’: to facilitate peer-learning and support amongst IHF Members.


This week, you can help Evex Hospitals, Georgia to tackle their challenge. You have until Sunday, June 21st to contribute.


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The Challenge: How to avoid health complications due to postponed diagnostics and screenings?


The measures taken, the restrictions and the population’s fear of infection have greatly reduced the flow of hospitals, causing Evex Hospitals, as a commercial organization, to incur significant losses and risk maintaining financial parameters.

About Evex Hospitals


Evex Hospitals is the largest healthcare services provider in the fast-growing, predominantly privately-owned, Georgian health market. Evex Hospitals owns and operates 18 referral hospitals, located in Tbilisi and major regional cities and provide secondary or tertiary level outpatient and inpatient diagnostic, surgical and treatment services.

Covid-19 in Georgia


As you know, Georgia has one of the best results in preventing and managing the spread of COVID 19. A number of events were held in the country:

  • Restriction of movement;
  • Declaration of a curfew;
  • Organized investigation of contacts of identified cases;
  • Locking up a number of cities;
  • Also, suspend funding for planned medical services.

By 6th of June, we have 805 cases from which 650 recovered, only 13 deaths.

The outcomes of this collaborative work will be archived and freely accessible form the IHF Website.

For any additional information, concern, or to be put in touch with a submitter/contributor, please feel free to contact the IHF at sylvia.basterrechea@ihf-fih.org


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