Honorary Members Circle

IHF Honorary Members are senior professionals with a wealth of experience and a very good knowledge of the history of IHF development over the years.
By providing Honorary Membership the IHF recognize the important contribution to the organization to past IHF Presidents and to individuals who have distinguished themselves for their support to the Federation and contributed to its development.

The Circle

In June 2013 the IHF Governing Council approved the creation of a special group for IHF Honorary Members: the IHF Honorary Members Circle (IHF-HMC). This circle aims to give the opportunity to Honorary Members willing to continue an active participation in IHF to formally contribute to the development of the Federation.

Objective of the Circle

The IHF-HMC, through its experience and expertise, supports IHF on its strategic development especially in bringing more value to Full Members and on possible services that could increase the specific role of IHF as well as its identity. Honorary Members are the ambassadors of the Federation.


The participation is on voluntary base and subject to the approval by the IHF Governing Council.