Terms and Conditions

Cancellations and refunds

  • Cancellations can be made until 15 days before the event. The payment will be refunded except for a 20% administrative fee. Refunds will be made after the event. Please contact to process the cancellation.
  • You may opt to transfer your registration to another colleague up to 5 days before the event. Please contact to process the transfer.


Registration data usage

  • The details you provide will be used by the IHF to contact you regarding the Virtual Forum, provide your secure login to the virtual event platform and for other purposes necessary for organizing the event. We will process, secure and treat your information with respect.
  • The details you provide will be used by the IHF to contact you regarding updates and our activities. We will process your information according to our privacy policy and store your personal data securely. If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing lists you can do so anytime.
  • The IHF will not share any of your personal registration information to third parties except as indicated in these terms and conditions.


Virtual event platform data usage

  • The IHF will track all attendee journey within the virtual event platform for analysis and reporting.
  • Since the virtual event platform will support networking between participants, the details you put in your profile when you log in to the platform will be visible to all event participants and they may be able to contact you within the platform. You can control what details are included in your profile and you may choose not to interact with other participants.
  • Sponsors will be informed of participants who have shown interest in their organization, products, services or activities within the virtual event platform. This may include visitors of their virtual booths, attendees of sponsor’s sessions, participants who viewed sponsored contents, and requests for additional information. The information that will be shared may include your name, contact details you provided in your virtual event platform profile and the specific action taken unless otherwise specified. You can opt-out of us sharing your information by not taking those actions.


Recordings, images, audio and video

  • Portions of the event program will be recorded, either via video, image or audio, by the IHF. These may include your attendance, participation, and text and media you share in the public channels within the virtual event platform. You provide us your consent to use and distribute those for IHF promotional activities and in any and all IHF media without payment of any kind.


Attendee decorum

  • All participants are expected to behave responsibly and to treat each other with respect. The IHF reserves the right to revoke event access, without refund, of participants whose conduct is deemed inappropriate, disorderly or offensive by the IHF.
  • All participants are refrained from using other attendees’ details available in the virtual event platform for any commercial, marketing, promotional or political purposes.