What can I expect from attending the forum?

The forum is an exciting event experience that promotes learning, knowledge-exchange and interaction. It will be hosted in a dedicated virtual event platform. It features a comprehensive program built for the virtual space – there will be two program blocks per day to cater to participants from different sides of the world with timely breaks to allow you to network with other participants and take care of other business in between sessions. There will be several insightful presentations and discussions from thought leaders, hospital decision-makers and health system actors. They will share good practices, innovations and solutions from around the globe. The event will have plenary and concurrent sessions with a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations but all live Q&A, polls and chat. You’ll have on-demand access to all sessions so if you miss any of them (eg because of the time difference or if you’re attending another concurrent session), you can catch up any time. There will also be virtual round table discussions that you can join. Ultimately, the forum will provide an excellent opportunity to learn, connect and network with industry peers.


You can view the program here.

How can I access the event?

You will first need to register here. You will receive instructions on how you can login to the event a couple of weeks prior. At the time of the forum you simply need to login. We’ll also send you instructions on how to maximize the features within the event platform.

How do I register?

You can register here.

What technical equipment do I need to participate?

You can access the event using your computer. We recommend you use the platform digital testing suite here to quickly check if there are any issues you need to troubleshoot before logging in to the event.

Do I need to download any software or app?

You don’t need to download any software – you just need your web browser and a stable internet connection. We’ll send you instructions on how to login a few weeks before the event.

Which web browser should I use?

Chrome will provide the best user experience but you can also use Safari or Firefox. Make sure you have the latest version installed so that all features would work properly.

What internet connection bandwidth is necessary?

We recommend at least 1 mbps for attendees. You can check your internet connection speed here.

Can I get technical support during the event, if needed?

Yes, our team will be online to assist you should you encounter any technical difficulties. If you are already logged in to the event, you can send us a chat message. Otherwise, you can email us at forum@ihf-fih.org

What times will the sessions be?

There will be sessions in the morning and late afternoon Central European Time (CET) which is at UTC +1. View the program agenda here. To check for your local time, you can use the time converter here.

What if I miss any of the sessions? Will recordings be available?

Yes, recordings will be available a few hours after each session so you can catch up whenever convenient.

Will I be able to network with peers and fellow healthcare leaders and professionals?

Yes, the event will offer plenty of ways to interact with other participants. You can view the list of attendees, add them in your contact list, send them private chat messages, have a 1:1 or group video call, interact in the event chat stream, participate in the chats within sessions and engage in the Meeting of Minds which are virtual discussion groups open to all participants.

Can I showcase my company’s products or services?

We’d love to have you onboard as a partner. We have sponsorship opportunities which you can view here.

If I can no longer attend, what should I do?

If unfortunately you can no longer join us, message us at forum@ihf-fih.org. You can cancel your registration until 15 days before and we’ll refund the amount except for a 20% administrative fee. Refunds will be made after the event. You can also transfer your registration to a colleague up to 5 days before the event.

Who can I contact if I have any additional questions?

Email us at forum@ihf-fih.org