COVID-19 affected countries around the world in different magnitudes but all had to rapidly put in place a response which impacted health service delivery to an extent unlike any before in such a short period of time.


This unprecedented situation calls for the health service community to come together ​to support each other through this pandemic, to share and discuss experiences, challenges, insights and solutions. Learning from COVID-19, Transforming Health Services, a virtual forum for hospital and healthcare leaders, was an opportunity to debrief and discuss learnings from the crisis, address key questions on strategies for the new normal, and explore how health services are transforming for the future. The event was a success, attracting participants from 56 countries.


With the postponement of the 44th IHF World Hospital Congress in Barcelona to 2021, this forum served as a build-up event leading to our annual conference and an opportunity to interact with the international community. We may be socially distant but we’re still able to connect virtually.

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