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Country: Australia


Flipping the narrative to thank the community for their sacrifices in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 #WeThankYou


While there are many worldwide initiatives to thank essential and healthcare workers, staff at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) set out to thank the general community for helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and sacrificing lost income, education, and time with family and friends. An anticipated by-product of the messages of thanks was to encourage the community to keep up their good work despite ongoing restrictions so RBWH can continue to provide some of the best COVID-19 care in the world.


Messages of thanks were recorded by frontline staff and posted to social media accounts, and a large billboard campaign noting “SOME HEROES STAY HOME” ran for four weeks across a number of Brisbane billboard sites provided through Goa, one of the largest billboard media providers in Queensland.


Encouraging and thanking the community for their ongoing efforts to socially distance and restrict their social, occupational, and recreational activities has enhanced the hospital’s ability to facilitate access to high quality care for all Queenslanders during the COVID-19 pandemic. In other states and countries, hospitals have seen overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 patients requiring acute care, in some cases requiring difficult and complex decisions around the triage and allocation of limited resources. Of the three ICU inpatients admitted to RBWH due to COVID-19 complications, two required long-term care, and were both eventually discharged home after their recovery; this may not have been the case if the organization was forced to make different clinical decisions based on resource scarcity and high patient demand.