Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès i Garraf

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Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès i Garraf


Country: Spain


Fighting The Coronavirus Pandemic At The Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès-Garraf


The Consorci Sanitari de l’Alt Penedès i Garraf (CSAPG) is composed of three hospitals that offer 440 beds for specialized care, seven intensive care beds, and 150 social health care beds. It also offers residential services. It admitted its first COVID-positive patient on March 10; within a week, all the patients from the acute hospitals were discharged and all the beds were filled with COVID-positive patients. At the peak of the outbreak, the hospital’s staff suffered from a lack of PPEs amidst record-high hospital occupancy rates.


To improve its pandemic response, the hospital created a crisis committee, made up of infection control and occupational health doctors and nurses. The crisis committee met daily to monitor the situation and fine-tune the hospital’s approach. To effectively manage its human resources, the hospital developed a competency matrix of professionals. This matrix was used to organize the care work cells. In each inpatient unit and intensive care unit, work cells were created consisting of an expert doctor who organized the healthcare team. The 12-hour work shifts allowed the hospital to create two work groups, one operational and the other in reserve to cover casualties, strengthen or open a field hospital.


Because of its comprehensive response, the hospital was able to treat all patients who presented at the facility with COVID-19 symptoms. Throughout this period, the average waiting time in the emergency room was 25.7 minutes, and at no time were patients referred to another center because they could not be treated. On the contrary, the hospital even treated patients referred from other centers.