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Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, EPE


Country: Portugal


Pandemic Patient Blood Management


The Patient Blood Management system involves a multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach designed to improve blood management and reduce the dependency on blood donors. When the pandemic struck, hospitals across Portugal suffered a drop in the number of blood donations. To remedy this, the PBM system aims to optimize transfusion management and improve access to healthcare for surgical patients. It also defines a unified treatment approach for coagulation abnormalities in COVID-positive patients.


The pandemic PBM system was created through the collaboration between six different medical specialties and involved seven other hospitals in the north of Portugal, with a total of 36 doctors and nurses.  The PBM team designed a new algorithm which established a network of seven hospitals that could provide decentralized care to patients across the region. Many doctors from several clinical and surgical areas contributed to the program and helped improve the system by providing care to patients within their geographic area.


The relevance of this program was demonstrated by reducing anemia, transfusion needs, and length of hospital stay among cardiac patients. Patients are now being treated in the hospital nearest to them, making it possible to have the best treatment available with more comfort. With approximately 1,200,000 direct and indirect users, the institution has estimated savings of up to 4.9 million euros a year in our institution. Although the project started in cardiac surgery, it is a long-term program that can be replicated in all surgical and medical areas worldwide.


Website: https://www.chvng.min-saude.pt