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Aster DM Healthcare microsite “Our New Earth” – The world inside is the world outside. Aster DM Healthcare’s microsite to help people live with Covid-19.


As a healthcare organization, Aster DM Healthcare has been at the forefront of managing Covid-19 in seven countries. Its hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and CSR teams have played a critical role in the treatment of positive cases, helping manage surge capacity by working with various governments. As it dealt with the pandemic, the organization increasingly became aware that the general public was under great stress due to the sudden lockdowns which have brought normal life to a standstill.


To address this, Aster DM Healthcare launched the Our New Earth microsite, which enables people across the world to deal with the COVID-19 crisis constructively. The microsite can be accessed at and has four main sections that highlight self-help tools geared at helping users adapt to the new normal. These tools include hygiene measures, care for children and high-risk groups, nutrition and physical wellness, mental wellbeing, and how to make the most of functioning from home as a family, among others. The site also features articles by doctors on topics like post covid recovery rehabilitation, safety measures at home and while going out, measures for safe travel, and dealing with anxiety and stress for all age groups, among others.


The site quickly became the go-to platform for people seeking information validated by medical professionals on how to go about their daily routines without sacrificing safety. Within three months of launch, the website has been accessed by 332,000+ people from India, UAE, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Nepal and Sri Lanka.