Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19

The International Hospital Federation is honored to announce that over 100 hospitals and health service providers from 28 countries will be receiving the special recognition for responding to the pandemic “beyond the call of duty”.



In response to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic – the International Hospital Federation (IHF) launches the IHF COVID-19 Response Recognition Program to acknowledge actions and responses of hospitals and health service providers around the world that went “beyond the call of duty”. With a mission to support hospital performance improvement, this recognition is provided to hospitals and health service providers which proactively put in place outstanding and innovative organizational responses or actions in facing the COVID-19 pandemic in their region or country.


Recipients of the recognition will receive a certificate, “Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19: The IHF COVID-19 Response Recognition Program”, and extensive publicity across all IHF media.


An IHF special feature entitled “Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19” will also be produced to feature selected innovative, enlightening and impactful COVID-19 responses, and their authors will be offered the opportunity to present in an IHF Webinar/Podcast.


Recipients of the recognition will also receive complimentary tickets to attend the IHF Virtual Forum: Learning from COVID-19, Transforming Health Services.




Open for entries- 15 July 2020

Deadline for submission- 5 October 2020

Notification to recipients – 18 November 2020


For inquiries, contact us at



Submission Process

  • To submit an entry, the submitter has to create an account or log-in to the online submission platform.
  • The submitter has to fill out the form and answer the questions. Documents can also be uploaded to support the entry.
  • Entries submitted must be in English. Supporting documents can be in the national language.


Eligibility and Entry Rules

  • Each organization is only allowed one entry.
  • Only hospitals and health service providers (public or private) can submit entries.
  • Consultancy companies or vendors representing public/private hospitals or healthcare facilities are NOT eligible to submit entries.
  • All entries must be for responses or actions that have been completed or substantially completed during the COVID-19 pandemic with quantifiable achievements/results/outcomes which can demonstrate innovation and/or excellence of the healthcare organization.
  • It is expected that these responses or actions were proactively taken by hospital leaders to put in place processes, mechanisms and/or protocols under their initiative that have gone beyond the recommendations provided by the health authorities and have resulted not only in capacitating the hospital to better take care of COVID-19 patients, but also to better respond to health needs of the community at a time when most resources were mobilized for the COVID-19 response.
  • These responses or actions should have put in place new modalities of work and relations between stakeholders that are promising beyond the COVID-19 crisis and that could be, for example, related to internal actions (breaking silos, enhancing governance, promoting teamwork, etc), actions for the patients (delivering new services, implementing new modalities for clinical management, etc.) and the community (promoting public health action, creating new cooperation with vendors or community stakeholders, etc.)
  • The entry should be endorsed by the CEO of the organization or equivalent. The CEO recommendation letter should be in the organization’s letterhead.
  • The name of the organization and the title of the COVID-19 response or action entered on the online submission platform are final and will be used in the certificate and other materials.
  • IHF will be granted permission to use all submitted entries/materials for publication.



Initial Screening: Validation for Recognition

The entries will be validated by a Review Committee according to a grid of eligibility or criteria. All eligible COVID-19 responses or actions will be receiving recognition.


Second screening: Selection of Entries for Publication

Entries with enlightening, innovative and impactful actions that are supported by a well-written presentation with potential for publication will be identified by the reviewers and shortlisted for second screening. The Programme Committee will then decide from the shortlist which entries will be included on the IHF special publication “Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19”.



Entries will be validated by the Review Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Originality or innovativeness of the action, in context of the hospital/region/country
  • Proactiveness of the hospital or health service provider to put in place effective responses to COVID-19 beyond their call of duty
  • Significant impact of the action in responding to the COVID-19 threat
  • Enhancement of staff engagement, community mobilisation, and breaking the silos to combat COVID-19
  • Clarity of writing or presentation of submitted entry

Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital is a polyclinic hospital established in 1949 in Ashikaga, southwestern Tochigi Prefecture. We have 540 beds and have the only emergency medical center providing high quality medical care to 800,000 people as a core hospital in the Ryomo area.


Considering the patient’s care first, the hospital provides a fully private bed, which is rare in Japan. In addition, disaster-resistant equipment such as seismic isolation devices, also state-of-the-art medical equipment such as the surgery support robot “Da Vinci” have been equipped. We are also the first facility in the Japanese Red Cross Hospital to have acquired JCI (Joint Commission International) certification, as it worked to improve the quality of medical care.


Another characteristic feature is the realization of a “next-generation green hospital” that is ecofriendly with the introduction of well water heat pump systems, photovoltaic panels, and wind generators. We have been working on significant reductions in energy and CO2.


Our initiatives have had a significant impact not only in Japan but around the world. In 2017, we won the 1st Prize at the first International NVTG IFHE Building Award and the BRONZE AWARD of the IHF / Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award at the 2019 IHF Awards.


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Visit the IFPMA COVID-19 Information Hub to find out how.



Partnering with the IHF in this initiative is a unique opportunity to be seen as a leader in your industry that puts forth value in recognising outstanding hospitals and health service providers that went “beyond the call of duty” in creating innovative, enlightening and impactful responses in facing COVID-19 pandemic in their country or region. Let us provide an avenue to recognise game-changing efforts in fighting a global cause.


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