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September 16th to September 20th, 2019

The 2019 Study Tour entitled "Health Innovation and Neighborhood: Towards New Health Service Models" provided participants with an in-depth insight into latest innovations in care delivery models developed in France.

Participants were presented a variety of topics by senior health officials, including:

  • Reforms of the French health systems: key elements and objectives of the major national health reform "Ma Santé 2022" aimed at enhancing the current health system by facilitating access to care
  • The public hospital system in transition
  • The role of the private hospitals in France, presented by leaders of French private hospitals organizations (not-for-profit and for-profit hospitals)
  • Presentation of the Ile-de-France region's competitiveness cluster and its programme to support companies in terms of innovation. Exchange on health as an element of attractiveness of the region.
  • New models of home care: evolution of home care in France and coordination between home and in-patient care
  • The financing of the health system and its evolution: integration of quality financing measures into volume (activity-based) financing
  • The challenges of innovation and the health companies’ strategy
  • Thinking the Hospital of the 21st Century
  • The potential of health neighborhoods, a way to re-organize care provision


Download the Program of the Study Tour


Download the Study Tour Recap


16.09 Ile-de-France Region and Health - A. Topçu (PDF)
16.09 The French Health System - L. Rochaix (PDF)
17.09 FHF ile de france - P. Soulié (PDF)
17.09 GHNE and the research ecosystem - V. Lebon (PDF)
17.09 Health House les Allées - D. Nicolini (PDF)
17.09 Maison de Santé les Allées - D. Nicolini(PDF)
17.09 Nord-Essonne Hospital Group (GHNE) - C. Lussiez (PDF)
18.09 Agence Régionale de Santé - D. Jaffre (PDF)
18.09 CSMF - JP Ortiz FR (PDF)
18.09 CSMF - JP. Ortiz EN (PDF)
18.09 Health System Financing - M. Lelouver
18.09 Hospital at Home - M. Calmon (PDF)
18.09 National Public Health Insurance - P. Naty-Daufin (PDF)
18.09 Regional Health Agency -D. Jaffre (PDF)
19.09 FHF fund for innovation - E. Habran (PDF)
19.09 Lab Santé - M. Saporta (PDF)
19.09 MedGo - A. Beata & A. Lemaire (PDF)
19.09 RESAH and innovation - P. Lebon (PDF)
19.09 Unicancer - S. Boucher (PDF)
20.09 Medicen - S. Roques (PDF)
20.09 Pharmaceutical Industry in France - P. Lamoureux (PDF)
LEEM - Health2030 EN (PDF)
LEEM - Sante2030 FR (PDF)

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