Being a member of the IHF CEO Circle will grant you access to:

  • Educational opportunities and informational sessions from world healthcare and economic leaders.
  • Meaningful dialogue between and among the IHF CEO Participants in exclusive information and dialogue sessions.
  • Opportunities to share best practices from around the world in an effort to enhance quality of care, access to care, and operational performance.
  • Networking opportunities that will reach beyond the IHF CEO Circle meetings. With the working relationships, which will be developed among CEOs, personal support and continued interaction between meetings will also provide sustained value to IHF CEO Circle members.
  • Continued and exclusive on-line access to other CEO participants
  • The most significant International audience for feedback and reporting healthcare outcomes in the world
  • Information sharing between and among members. Information to include governance and structure organization, medical staff bylaws and regulations, physician protocol, leadership standards, etc.