2016 Collaborative

As part of the activities of the IHF CEO Circle, we have developed a short online survey to investigate the greatest challenges faced by CEOs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The aim of this research is to understand the major international trends as well as to create solutions which best meet CEOs needs.

On the basis of this research, we will begin a networking collaborative to share best practices and begin a process to create collaborative solutions.

Outcomes of this collaborative will be published in a White Paper which will be used as a tool for future activities of the Circle.


Annual meetings of CEO Circle members at the IHF Annual Meeting. Meetings to include exclusive dialogue and information sharing sessions and educational sessions provided by world healthcare and economic leaders.

Project specific committees to work together in addressing a project of mutual interest. Outcomes and research reported to CEO Circle through IHF.

Social gathering and networking opportunities provided directly and exclusively to CEO Circle members.

On-site exchange programs for specific and exclusive learning and networking.