The IHF CEO Circle is the premier professional network for senior healthcare executives worldwide. The CEO Circle offers, in a confidential and trusting environment, a platform for the exchange of ideas and the opportunity to share advice and concerns through connecting with peers.

As the CEO of an IHF organization, the IHF CEO Circle will provide for you this truly unique opportunity to regularly meet, with other international CEOs to:

  • discuss concerns of mutual interest and impact
  • Enjoy exclusive educational events with world renowned healthcare and business leaders
  • promote quality improvement though sharing of best practices
  • participate in and have primary access to leading edge research design and implementation
  • exclusive on-line access and information exchange
  • unparalleled networking opportunities and relationship development

Global Collaborative

In 2016 we have created a networking collaborative for sharing best practices and finding solutions to common challenges CEOs have to face. More than 60 CEOs from 21 Countries participated in the online survey to investigate the greatest challenges faced by CEOs of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Outcomes of this work have been reported in the "Priorities for Hospital CEOs-White Paper"

Experience the benefits of joining the IHF CEO Circle today!



Membership is limited to Chief Executives in charge of IHF Member healthcare service delivery organizations. There is no additional cost for your membership in the CEO Circle.


The values of the IHF CEO Circle are:

  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Exclusivity
  • Continual Learning