Study Tour


September 16th to September 20th, 2019

The 2019 Study Tour entitled “Health Innovation and Neighborhood: Towards New Health Service Models” provided participants with an in-depth insight into latest innovations in care delivery models developed in France.


Participants were presented a variety of topics by senior health officials, including:


  1. Reforms of the French health systems: key elements and objectives of the major national health reform “Ma Santé 2022” aimed at enhancing the current health system by facilitating access to care
  2. The public hospital system in transition
  3. The role of the private hospitals in France, presented by leaders of French private hospitals organizations (not-for-profit and for-profit hospitals)
  4. Presentation of the Ile-de-France region’s competitiveness cluster and its programme to support companies in terms of innovation. Exchange on health as an element of attractiveness of the region.
  5. New models of home care: evolution of home care in France and coordination between home and in-patient care
  6. The financing of the health system and its evolution: integration of quality financing measures into volume (activity-based) financing
  7. The challenges of innovation and the health companies’ strategy
  8. Thinking the Hospital of the 21st Century
  9. The potential of health neighborhoods, a way to re-organize care provision



Download the Program of the Study Tour



Download the Study Tour Recap



16.09 Ile-de-France Region and Health – A. Topçu (PDF)
16.09 The French Health System – L. Rochaix (PDF)
17.09 FHF ile de france – P. Soulié (PDF)
17.09 GHNE and the research ecosystem – V. Lebon (PDF)
17.09 Health House les Allées – D. Nicolini (PDF)
17.09 Maison de Santé les Allées – D. Nicolini(PDF)
17.09 Nord-Essonne Hospital Group (GHNE) – C. Lussiez (PDF)
18.09 Agence Régionale de Santé – D. Jaffre (PDF)
18.09 CSMF – JP Ortiz FR (PDF)
18.09 CSMF – JP. Ortiz EN (PDF)
18.09 Health System Financing – M. Lelouver
18.09 Hospital at Home – M. Calmon (PDF)
18.09 National Public Health Insurance – P. Naty-Daufin (PDF)
18.09 Regional Health Agency -D. Jaffre (PDF)
19.09 FHF fund for innovation – E. Habran (PDF)
19.09 Lab Santé – M. Saporta (PDF)
19.09 MedGo – A. Beata & A. Lemaire (PDF)
19.09 RESAH and innovation – P. Lebon (PDF)
19.09 Unicancer – S. Boucher (PDF)
20.09 Medicen – S. Roques (PDF)
20.09 Pharmaceutical Industry in France – P. Lamoureux (PDF)
LEEM – Health2030 EN (PDF)
LEEM – Sante2030 FR (PDF)


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