Management Course


The aim of the Healthcare Management Advancement Program (HMAP-program) is to strengthen, knowledge, skills and attitude of health professionals working in positions with managerial responsibilities by giving them the ability to fulfill their mission effectively and efficiently.

The learning program exposes participants to a number of key management principles, and enables them to acquire basic competencies for the effective management of health facilities, like hospitals. Read the full curriculum of the course

Program Outline
  • Phase 1: introduction of essential knowledge, skills and attitudes managers need to be effective
  • Phase 2: focus on the different departments and functions in healthcare organizations (e.g., HR, purchasing, IT, etc.)
  • Phase 3: focus on healthcare management in a broader context, including governance, etc.
HMAP Design
  • One year program
  • Maximum of 30 participants
  • English only
  • Face-to-face sessions (combination of lectures, exercises, small group discussions, case studies and personal research and reflection
  • Distance tutoring
  • Web-based platform
  • Development of individual projects

The HMAC program provides unique skill-based content, customized to address the needs of specific locations, as well the needs of each individual student, taking into account their current positions, as well as their prospects for career advancement in the field of healthcare management.

Implementation of the HMAP

We are ready to respond to Members interested in implementing the HMAP in their country or region. Contact the IHF Secretariat for more information