The coronavirus crisis has provided a new context for the use of digital health solutions in the delivery of hospital-based care. Innovative digital health solutions can help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in critical care settings. As well as being a viable option to provide continuity of care and treatment to patients, telehealth has helped in transforming how health systems respond to chronic workforce shortages in hospitals.


To this end, the IHF has established a Special Interest Group (SIG), in partnership with Teladoc Health, on navigating the future of telehealth for hospitals and health service providers.


Purpose of the Special Interest Group

The ‘Telehealth: Navigating the Future for Hospitals’ SIG will create exclusive thought-leadership products on the use of telehealth in hospitals, raising awareness amongst the IHF’s Members (and beyond) on the imperatives and advantages of harnessing digital technology in healthcare systems. The SIG will first explore how critical care providers have embraced the shift to virtual healthcare delivery to address patient and physician demand and expand clinical care and capabilities.


Governance and Engagement

Governed by a Steering Committee, the Special Interest Group will be accountable to the International Hospital Federation Governing Council and is responsible for reporting to the IHF Secretariat. Further information on the role of the SIG Steering Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference.


Please direct any questions regarding the work of this Special Interest Group to the IHF Secretariat.