Investor Owned Healthcare Organizations


During the last decades the private healthcare sector has highly increased worldwide and Investor Owned Healthcare Organizations play an important role in providing quality care to people. The IOH-SIG is the international network for dialogue, collaboration and benchmarking between Investor Owned Healthcare Organizations in order to promote best practices and a stronger recognition of their participation to public health needs.

Demand for private health services is growing, especially in emergent countries, where the private health sector may offer attractive returns to investors. Lack of information is dragging capital and isolating private healthcare facilities in these countries.

How can the IHF foster investment in the private healthcare sector?

Connecting stakeholders to identify needs & opportunities between investors and healthcare facilities

  • Governmental instances and public authorities
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs/Private Healthcare


Working towards a Knowledge Hub for the private healthcare industry

  • Exchange platform for private healthcare entities with its own capital investment area
  • Framework outlining mechanisms for expansion & coverage of financial flows
  • Identify funding stakeholders, profiles and records
  • Forum for stating the unavailability of tools and resources

What is in it for me?


  • All IHF Full and Associated members have the option to participate to the Knowledge Exchange HUB healthcare business platform.
  • Strengthen your Connections
  • Establish Partnerships
  • Connect with development agencies, entrepreneurs, investors, international authorities


Collaborative platform and Benchmarking tools

  • Engage governments to jointly address healthcare challenges
  • Deal with private sector firms for business growth and joint ventures
  • Prepare to exchange with experts in the health sector and to share your expertise
  • Inspiration

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