Harnessing Big Data


The mission of the International Hospital Federation is to contribute to better health for all people around the world through the advancement of performant and well-managed healthcare organizations and facilities. Successful hospitals and healthcare systems are those who can harness the power of data and analytics to improve performance and operational efficiency without compromising quality of care.


To support our Members with this agenda, the IHF has established a Special Interest Group (SIG), in partnership with Vizient, on the imperatives and advantages of harnessing big data and analytics to improve performance in healthcare systems.


Purpose of the Special Interest Group

The ‘Harnessing Big Data’ SIG will produce exclusive thought-leadership products, real-world case studies and instructional tools for C-level leaders in hospitals and health service providers. This will include:

  • Practical guidance on building organizational ‘know-how’ around big data and performance improvement (e.g. how to establish an effective data analytics program).
  • Contemporary examples of how being able to harness data is key component of C-level leadership development, enabling leaders to make well-informed decisions for improvement and growth.
  • Pragmatic advice from subject matter experts around the globe on how to report, compare and analyze data for informed decision-making.


Governance and Engagement

Governed by a Steering Committee, the Special Interest Group will be accountable to the International Hospital Federation Governing Council and is responsible for reporting to the IHF Secretariat. Further information on the role of the SIG Steering Committee can be found in its Terms of Reference.


Please direct any questions regarding the work of this Special Interest Group to the IHF Secretariat.