IHF CEO Circle

Learn Together, Exchange Ideas and Network

Reaching the peak of one’s profession is a great achievement, but with it comes even greater challenges. How do healthcare leaders continuously improve the performance of their organisations, whilst responding to rising costs, changing patient demographics and evolving technology ecosystems? Often the best advice a CEO can receive is from other CEOs.


To this end, the IHF established the ‘CEO Circle’: a collaborative platform from which members can share leadership challenges with their peers, exchange new ideas and network with other senior executives holding accountable officer responsibilities across health and care.

What the Circle offers

The IHF CEO Circle is a confidential, ‘safe’ space where members can develop their leadership by extending their professional networks, exploring contemporary leadership thinking and fresh perspectives, encountering new cross-sector ideas and approaches whilst offering and receiving peer challenge and support.


For its members, the CEO Circle offers:

  • Unique opportunities to network with peers from the IHF’s international community.
  • Insights and learnings into other organisational approaches to leadership from across the world.
  • Access to other leaders’ best practices and innovative solutions to common CEO challenges.
  • Peer-to-peer support with other Chief Executives, who share an understanding of this role and its challenges and pressures.


Membership of the CEO Circle is exclusive to Chief Executives, whose responsibilities lie within healthcare service delivery organisations. For IHF members, there is no additional cost for membership in the CEO Circle. If you are interested in joining the CEO Circle, please contact the IHF Secretariat.

CEO Circle Initiative: focused education and networking opportunities at the World Hospital Congress

Each year at the World Hospital Congress (WHC), curated by the International Hospital Federation, the IHF CEO Circle comes together for focused networking and knowledge exchange opportunities. At the WHC 2019, the IHF CEO Circle’s activities explored capacity building and innovation in leadership, including a dedicated session by global experts on how to use a performance excellence framework to improve performance in hospitals.

CEO Circle Initiative: enabling Chief Executives to successfully lead their organisations

Supporting our Chief Executives to be successful ‘in role’ is one of the most important leadership challenges for the IHF. In 2016, the IHF established a networking collaborative to share best practices and innovative solutions to the most common challenges faced by CEOs. Contributions to the collaborative were registered from over 60 Chief Executives representing upwards of 20 different countries and these were captured by the IHF in the white paper – ‘Priorities for Hospital CEOs‘.


To stay connected with our growing community of healthcare leaders and upcoming work of the IHF CEO Circle, join our official LinkedIn Group: International Hospital CEO Circle.