Hospital Architecture


Cost containment is one of the greatest challenges for the healthcare sector. In addition, the globalization, the aging population, the increase of multi-chronic conditions, the development of new technologies, among other are challenging the “traditional” hospital design.

The collaborative project between the IHF and the International Union of Architect-Public Health Group (UIA-PHG) aims to collect good practices to reducing hospital operating cost through better design. The key idea is to prevent increasing costs while ensuring that optimal performance is maintained throughout the life cycle of the building.


A matrix has been developed to highlight the decisions that mostly affect design choices producing costs and to define the process during which decision are made.

The first phase of the project aims to develop a methodology to identify cost components in the entire project design and construction cycle as well as to define the methodology for information collection to be able to identify good practices.

The second phase will be the collection of information and make it available to the public.

A third phase will be on enhancing practices by appropriate research.