Healthcare Management & Leadership


Between 2013 and 2015, a consortium of 18 healthcare organizations led by the IHF developed a directory of core competencies for health services managers. This project had two main goals: the recognition and professionalization healthcare management as an essential discipline, and the global strengthening of capacities in healthcare leadership and management.


This work resulted in the creation of IHF’s Global Healthcare Management Competency Directory, listing 80 core competencies for healthcare managers, divided into 5 domains and 27 subdomains.

Professionals, academicians and accrediting bodies are encouraged to use the Directory as a roadmap to better understand healthcare management and leadership practices globally and to promote its professionalization. The competency framework is intended to remain flexible and to be adapted to local settings.

The IHF Health Leaders’ Assessment Online Tool

The Healthcare Management and Leadership Assessment platform was designed as a survey for self-assessment, open to all healthcare professionals in a management position. The tool provides a global benchmark for the identified core competencies across geographical locations, while allowing for peer-to-peer insights/comparison. A personalized report measuring potential improvement between professional needs and individual status in management and leadership will support the participants’ continuous professional development.


The tool is presented as two-fold survey, with the first part about the perception of relevance – “how relevant these competencies are to your current position within your organization?”, and the second part being a regular self-assessment about the users’ competencies.


At the end of the survey, results are extended as a review including:


    • A personalized report measuring potential improvement between professional needs and current status in management and leadership skills
    • A benchmark guide for peer comparison by position and country
    • A certificate of completion