Friends of IHF

It is time to share things widely…rise your voice within a community of like-minded people.

The Friends of IHF network is for individuals directly involved in the healthcare sector. Members of this group share values and mission of the IHF and are interested in promoting and supporting its activities.

Join Us

You believe universality of healthcare is a global priority? You “fight” for the safest and highest quality of care? You promote for excellency in management? Become a Friend of IHF and you will join a community sharing your same concerns!!!

By becoming a Friend of IHF you will be immersed in an exclusive international environment where healthcare leaders share their unique knowledge with peers and a common engagement toward the mission of IHF. Under the guidance of the IHF Secretariat you will be acting as champion of the Federation in your national context and you will be able to give a voice to your experience within our international community.

Do not miss up with this opportunity, your peers are awaiting to discover your experience!

Download the Friends of IHF Brochure


Champion of IHF

At national and international level, Friends of IHF can advocate for the Federation by promoting a good understanding of its mission as well as sustaining and expanding worldwide support to the IHF.

In direct and regular contact with the Federation, Friends of IHF spread accurate, objective and timely information about IHF.

Involvement of IHF activities

Friends of IHF have the possibility to be involved as experts in specific projects and activities related with IHF.

In providing relevant information to the IHF concerning potential areas of work, they can also be supportive in developing activities at national level.

IHF Events

Friends of IHF are invited to attend at discounted rates IHF World Hospital Congress and other meetings.

They can also be involved in IHF events as speakers and experts.

Publications & Exchange Platform

Friends of IHF have access to both IHF publications and IHF Exchange platform.

They can also be invited to publish articles on specific themes in the quarterly IHF World Hospitals and Health Services Journal. They are welcomed to share material to be posted in the IHF Newsletter.

Networking Opportunities

By joining the Community, members have the opportunity to interact with peers and the possibility to directly contact all Friends of IHF.

How to Join

Join the Friends of IHF is very easy. Register into the IHF Website and select Friends of IHF under IHF Activities.

You will receive an acknowledge message with payment instructions

You can also easily pay by PayPal by selecting one of the options below according to your status:


* Student’s rate is applicable to individuals having maximum 30 years of age and enrolled in a course of study at a university or equivalent institution leading to a formal qualification