Honorary Member

René Peters (1955) simultaneously completed a University education in Medicine and Law and subsequently served a stint as a conscript military physician in the Royal Netherlands Army. After this he pursued a managerial career in healthcare. As of 1985 for the best part of two decades managerial and (chief) executive positions were held at a number of general hospitals and other healthcare facilities (blood bank, laboratories, pharmacy and rehab). All hospitals concerned being merger organizations, a lot of experience with large-scale organizational restructuring was gained. Special interest carried innovating and improving the quality of care, e.g. pioneering collaboration between hospital and general practitioners, improving (closed format) intensive care facilities and developing patient-friendly single room maternity units.

He shouldered responsibilities in several national and international organizations, relating to healthcare. On a national scale this comprised the membership and later vice-chairmanship of the Board of the Netherlands Hospital Association (NVZ). Special responsibilities included policies regarding healthcare quality, IT and hospital-medical specialist relationships. The latter comprising the negotiation of a collective employment and remuneration package for medical specialists (AMS). The IT strategy document ‘Man on the Moon’ was authored as well as the invention of a web based facility for hospitals to share knowledge about (near) incidents concerning medical devices. He was actively involved in the foundation and subsequent governance of the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ) and the Netherlands Institute for IT in Healthcare (NICTIZ). Internationally he served on the Executive Committee of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) and a full term of six years on the Governing Council of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), where he contributed in revising its Constitution.

After a mid-career sabbatical leave in 2004 he started a private practice as a consultant on governance, strategic issues and executive interim management. The portfolio comprises – amongst other – assignments from healthcare insurers and large healthcare enterprises. Current interests and work relate to the quality and cost derailment of healthcare and establishing a possible management development program.

Charitable work comprises the Board membership of Amnesty International NL and the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and Medical Assessment (iMMO).