Dr. Huberto L. Lapuz

Dr. Huberto L. Lapuz

GC Member


Dr. Huberto F. Lapuz, has journeyed far and wide to attain his stellar status today. He wears many hats and brings with him a wealth of experiences owing to wherever and whatever he does or has done.

Dr. Huberto Lapuz, holds a degree in Medicine and has post graduate degree or Masteral in Hospital Administration. He likewise holds a National Diploma Course on Health Emergency Management.

He is a Fellow of the:
International College of Surgeons, Society of Philippine Surgeons in America (Travelling) and the Philippine College of Hospital Administrators.

He is a Life Member of the Philippine Medical Association and a Certified Family Physician of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Huberto Lapuz currently serves as:
– Medical Center Chief II of the Dr.Paulino J. Garcia Memorial and Medical Center in Cabanatuan City, currently 400 beds (soon to be 600 beds, under construction) Level III Teaching and Training Medical Center
– President of the Philippine Hospital Assn. 2018 and 2019
– 2020 – Board of Director and Immediate Past President of the Philippine Hospital Association
– 2020 – President of the Phil College of Hospital Administrators
– Vice President Luzon of the Association of Hospital Administrators in Phil Govt Service, Inc.
– Chairperson of the PHA Best Practices in Infection Prevention and Control (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)
– Honorary Chairperson of the PHA OUTSTANDING HOSPITALS AWARDS 2018 and 2019

He has been a recipient of numerous commendations, service awards, excellence awards, recognition of merits and the like in the span of his long service in the healthcare industry of the Philippines.

He has attended various international events, including those of the IHF, AHF and HMA.

Dr. Huberto Lapuz, definitely, has servitude in his blood and is a gem in any group endeavours borne by his track record.