GC Member


Dr. Wasista Budiwaluyo, who was born in January 6, 1951 received his Medical Doctor degree at Medical Faculty of Atma Jaya University in Jakarta in 1979, and completed his Master Hospital Administration degree at New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia in 1990.

At the moment, Wasista Budiwaluyo is active as surveyor for Komisi Akreditasi Rumah Sakit (Commission of Hospital Accreditation) besides he also appointed as councilor at this commission.

Most of his backgrounds were in hospital management. Started in 1993, he was CEO at Sint Carolus Hospital in Jakarta, in 2004 as CEO at Siloam Hospitals in Cikarang, in 2008 as CEO at Aibee Plastic Surgery Hospital in Bogor, and in 2009 at Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital in Jakarta.

After retired as hospital executive in 2011, he was assigned as Governing Body at Ciputra Hospital until 2013.

Beside those above, Wasista actives in several organization such as: PERSI as Vice Chairman of International Relations Institute, (2015 – Now), Board member of Atma Jaya University Foundation (2011 – Now) and as Board member at Association of Voluntary Health Services of Indonesia (PERDHAKI) (2009 – Now).

Experiences in organization were: as Secretary General of PERSI form 2009 – 2015 (2 periods), Secretary General of Asian Hospital Federation (2010 – 2012) .