The IHF General Assembly is the formal decision making body of the IHF. During the annual General Assembly members are invited to take decision concerning the budget, the annual membership dues scale, etc. All IHF Members are invited to participate to the General Assembly but only Full Members have the right of vote.

The IHF Governing Council is composed of twenty-five elected members and is the organ charged with the overall governing of the affairs of the IHF, within the boundaries of the authority of or authorization by the General Assembly.

The executive committee is the organ charged with overseeing the day to day running of the operations of IHF and conducting the affairs in between Meetings of the Governing Council. The IHF EC is composed of the President, the Immediate Past President, the Incoming President and the Treasurer.

The Secretariat, based in Geneva, is led by the CEO and is in charge of all the day-to-day activities and project.