Healthcare Leaders from Portuguese-Speaking Countries Discuss Vaccine Implementation and Distribution

The virtual roundtable, Challenges of a Pandemic: The Implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Portuguese-Speaking Countries successfully concludes with over 100 attendees from 27 countries.

Organized by the International Hospital Federation, in partnership with the Portuguese Association for Hospital Development (APDH), the Brazilian Federation of Hospitals (FBH) and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), it is the first event hosted by the IHF in Portuguese.

The virtual roundtable was headlined by the keynote speaker, Dr. Rogério Gaspar, Director of the Department of Regulation and Prequalification of the World Health Organization. The panel discussion was a powerhouse with health leaders representing 7 countries.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the resilience of hospitals and healthcare service providers around the world. In this critical time, international collaborative efforts have proved to be highly valuable to overcome this crisis. With this in mind, IHF created this event as a platform to facilitate international collaborative conversations amongst healthcare leaders on the vaccine rollout. We also hope that with offering this event in Portuguese, we are able to extend our reach to more countries who speak the language.” IHF CEO, Ronald Lavater said.

“Global vaccinal solidarity is essential, especially for developing countries. A ‘Proudly Alone’ vaccinal mindset would be disastrous. We can lock ourselves inside, not going out. The virus will still enter.” Portuguese Association for Hospital Development (APDH) President, Prof. Carlos Pereira Alves commented.

Speaking on behalf of the Brazilian Federation of Hospitals (FBH), Dr. Adelvânio Francisco Morato, President mentioned, “The union of sector leaders is fundamental for the strengthening of public policies and the implementation of effective actions such as the vaccination of COVID-19.”

“CPLP argues that the vaccine should be considered as a global public good, so that it creates global effects and impacts and does not leave anyone behind.”  Mr. Francisco Ribeiro Telles, Executive Secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, said.

The event, moderated by Paulo Marchiori Buss, seeks to expand the dissemination of information to promote a more effective response to the pandemic and to promote information sharing and dialogue between the structures that are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

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