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Physicians’ Competence and International Hospital Accreditation: The European perspective, November, the 16th , Brussels, Belgium

Organizations that seek accreditation through Joint Commission International (JCI) are required to have a Human Resource department that is capable of evaluating the competence of those that care for patients.  According to the JCI standards, HR management should help guarantee the high levels of quality necessary to maintain an environment that is safe for patients.  This complex function consists of many processes, including needs assessment, selection, education and training, and evaluation. Of these, the most critical, demanding, and problematic process is the evaluation of healthcare professionals.

This seminar will identify and discuss the most critical elements of healthcare professional evaluation.  It will also provide the rationale of its importance, examples of what is being done in accredited hospitals, an overview of the approach being used in Europe, and some ideas about how the evaluation problem could be addressed.

Seminar topics:
- Perspectives of Physician Competence
- General Overview of Credentialing and Privileging Processes in Europe
- Medical Doctors’ Personality and Processes of Evaluation: A Psychological Perspective
- Experiences of a Group of Danish Accredited Hospitals: Challenges in Physician Credentialing and Competence Evaluation
- Objective Competence Measurement: Benchmarks and Evidence-Based Literature linked to Evaluation of Doctors

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